Karate for Kids Orleans

Karate is a dynamic martial art that will develop speed, anaerobic power and aerobic power through techniques and training. It is usually divided into three parts: kihon (basics), kata (forms or patterns of moves), and kumite (sparring). Techniques in Karate are characterized by deep, long stances that provide stability, enable powerful movements, and strengthen the legs.

Initially, strength and power are demonstrated instead of slower, more flowing motions. Those who progress to brown and black belt level develop a much more fluid style that incorporates grappling, throwing and some standing joint locking. Ju Jutsu like techniques and Kumite (fighting) techniques are practiced in kihon and kata and developed from basic to advanced levels with an opponent.

Benefits of Martial Arts

  • Increase self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Instills the importance of respect and discipline
  • Helps clear the mind
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Weight loss
  • Total body workout
  • Helps dispense excess energy through physical fitness
  • Helps with focus and concentration abilities
  • Increases muscle-awareness
  • Can be very therapeutic
  • Self-defense
  • Trained by world-class athletes, certified black belts and expert teachers
Karate for Kids

There are of course countless other benefits to martial art classes as well! Mainly, we want to ensure your child is immersed in a rich fitness experience where they feel comfortable to express themselves in healthy ways.

If your child has previously done gymnastics and loved it, this could be a totally new way for them to use the skills they’ve learned and mastered!

Develop your karate kid skills!

If your child is bouncing off the walls with excitement, this could be just the outlet for them. What better way to develop their skills? There are so many after-school programs available, but there aren’t any that are more fun than our martial art classes! In addition to the general benefits of physical fitness, there are also many skills that can be developed and mastered through Karate.

There are many different skills which can be mastered at different levels of training. It is through a lot of training that your child will be able to really harness the confidence in themselves that they need in order to be successful and pursue their dreams. Did you know that Karate uses not only the physical body but also requires mastery of the mind and emotions?

Other skills your child will be able to develop are: flexibility, speed, agility, harnessing power, coordination and strength. It’s really an entire cardiovascular activity! Your child will develop their core balance! From pee wee to adults to family, we offer a class for every age group!


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