Boxing Montreal

Are you interested in stepping up your martial arts game?

Maybe you are looking to join an Montreal Boxing Club?

Just want to keep fit while having a ton of fun?

Why not join one of our boxing classes?

Boxing is a martial art which takes time and practice to learn and excel in. At our boxing gyms in Montreal, there are classes for more experienced students (warning: this class is not for beginners). These fitness classes help participants learn the boxing skills and techniques through sparring and training sessions. Our trainers build on the foundation you've already established from prior martial arts training to take you to the next level.

Please note: advanced students may participate after 6 months to one year of study in our Kickboxing or fitness programs.

To learn more about Montreal boxing, read below.

The health benefits of Boxing and Martial Arts classes

Unlike typical physical activity sports such as: swimming, gymnastics or weight lifting, boxing is on a whole different level. In fact, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson would tell you it requires mastery of the mind, of the emotions and of the entire physical body. The techniques learned make for a very strong core and upper body, below you'll find some more of the other benefits:

  • Instills and reinforces self-discipline
  • Helps with concentration and focus
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Increases ability to defend oneself
  • Increases stability (mental and physical)
  • Helps clear the mind (de-stress)
  • Increases feeling of overall wellness
  • Lose weight and/or gain muscle in a fun and interactive class environment
  • Increased mental and physical awareness
  • Training from a world class athlete and expert

What you can expect to learn

The sport of boxing involves a lot of forceful, repetitive movements as well as punching. This is why boxing gloves are used to protect the hands. You can expect to use these during our classes when practicing techniques. You will learn the various stances associated with boxing: upright stance, semi-crouch and full crouch. You will also train using jump ropes, medicine balls and punching bags in order to build strength, increase speed and agility. 

History of Boxing

The history of the sport of boxing dates all the way back to 336 B.C. in Ancient Greece. It was first introduced to the Olympics in 688 B.C. when boxers would use leather wrapper around their hands as pseudo boxing gloves. The fights had no rounds and were either fought to the death or until one fighter acknowledged defeat. Early fighting had no written rules up until the mid 1700s. Eventually, rules were developed and enforced in order to protect fighters, and today rules and regulations for the sport are strictly enforced.
There are several different types of boxing styles, (this is a strategic approach taken by a fighter) we've made a list of them below. Please note some fighters also choose to use the strategic approaches below in combination to create their own.

  • Boxer/ out-fighter
  • Boxer-puncher
  • Counter puncher
  • Brawler/ slugger,
  • Swarmer/ in-fighter


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