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Nobody knows how harsh the winters can get in Ottawa better than an Ottawa HVAC technician. During these brutally cold winters, your furnace can really take a beating, driving your energy bills up and lowering the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Whether you have an electric furnace or a natural gas furnace, you should have an expert HVAC technician perform maintenance at least once a year (and this goes for your entire HVAC system too). Regular furnace maintenance keeps your furnace is perfect working order. After all, your furnace is the heart of your home, and you depend on it!

Need a new furnace?

Your local Ottawa HVAC contractors are here to answer the call. Many of the Ottawa HVAC companies listed here offer a 24-hour (7 days a week) emergency furnace service in case you are in need of immediate furnace repair. Otherwise, an HVAC technician will come to your house, assess your family’s needs and provide a variety of HVAC system solutions. Keeping your family warm and comfortable, regardless of what mother nature has planned.

Questions every homeowner should ask themselves before buying a new furnace or HVAC system

  • Would you like to keep the same furnace type, but simply upgrade to a new system?
  • Would you like to install a furnace that will increase the energy efficiency of your home?
  • Would you like to install a furnace that uses renewable resources?
  • What are the dimensions of your home and what are your family’s typical heating and cooling needs?
  • Would you like your HVAC system, furnace and thermostat to be automatically regulated or would you like to manually manage the temperature daily?
  • Would you consider installing a boiler?
  • Would you consider installing a heat pump?
  • Does your family need a furnace humidifier?

Buying a new furnace and HVAC installation, in particular, can be a big investment for any homeowner. That’s why you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. When it comes to Ottawa heating and cooling companies, we know you’ve got lots of options. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the list for you. We guarantee that all of the HVAC contractors listed on our site are professional, courteous and will get the job done right.

Whether you’ve already purchased the furnace unit and you’d simply like a furnace installation or you need to purchase the furnace and have the HVAC technician install it, we’ve got you covered. Give our HVAC contractors a call and they will walk you through each of the furnace systems and types. From the electric gas furnace option to the natural gas furnace, there’s a furnace system for every need, every home and every budget. The heating and cooling companies listed here offer only the highest quality HVAC products and furnace brands. From Ameristar to Coleman, they’ve got it all.

Benefits of a new furnace installation

  1. Increases the energy efficiency of your home, keeping more of your money in your wallet!
  2. Mitigates the need for constant furnace repair and costs of servicing an older furnace unit.
  3. Helps you maintain your ideal temperature on the thermostat at all times to provide the ultimate experience in home comfort.
  4. Peace of mind: cleaner air for your family and a warm place on cold winter days.
  5. Investing in your HVAC system adds value to your home and is a sound investment for any homeowner.
  6. You may be able to claim rebates to help pay for the cost of a new furnace system

Now that we've covered the benefits of installing a new furnace, let’s assess your needs and get you a quote! With Webexion, it really is that easy. Our HVAC contractors are efficient, trustworthy and have your comfort as their top priority. When you choose a heating and cooling company you can trust, that is reliable, honest and focused on maximizing the energy efficiency of your home, nothing feels better than that.

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