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Choosing the right roof shingles to accommodate your needs may take some research but it is definitely worth looking in to. It could save you money down the road! Whether you choose BP, CertainTeed, Malarkey, Owens Corning or IKO shingles you surely won’t be disappointed with the result! All of these products are of the utmost quality and have been manufactured to last.

It's important to note that your roofing contractor may know how to shingle a roof, but the choice of roofing shingles is up to you!


Asphalt shingles are definitely among the most popular options for a sloping roof and that is why so many companies have chosen to offer them. From IKO Cambridge shingles, bp mystique to landmark shingles, the list goes on. When selecting shingles, it's not just about what would look best aesthetically, it's also important to check for ventilation, durability, and warranty.

These are the things that will matter most to you years down the road should any problems arise from wear and tear. There are also additions you can make that can extend the life of your roof such as EPDM roofing, a special protectant for flat roofs. Options like those are good to explore depending on your specific roofing needs.

Living in Montreal can definitely have its weather challenges, the harsh elements make it so roofs in Montreal take a lot of damage! From snow to hail to record rainfalls, we see it all. Speaking of which, it is very important that your shingles work together with the eavestroughs, roof flashing, and roof vents to act as an ice and water shield for your home. This can avoid expensive repairs down the road to your attic, ceilings, etc. Experienced roofing contractors such as ourselves can help design the ideal roof for all your needs. We are experts when it comes to roofing in Montreal and we are proud of it!

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