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Flat roofs have their own specific set of characteristics that need to be accommodated. Whether industrial or residential, the options are the same. However, when we are looking at a home, we want to ensure the roof design is as functional as it is durable. If you’re looking to repair or revamp your flat roof or the flat roof component of your home, you’re in the right place.
When considering a flat roof, it is important to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. For some, having a flat roof is not a choice and for others, it is an option they are considering.

Here are the facts: a flat roof has no dead space, less material is needed to cover it (in comparison to a sloped roof), the rooftop can be used as a terrace or turned into a green roof (more about that later on) and it is much easier to build than a slope.
The disadvantages you may want to consider are: the roof elements cannot overlap, therefore waterproofing must be done extensively and in addition, the roof must be able to support the weight of some snow build-up. It's important to consider all of these factors before making a decision. After all, it is permanent!

We mentioned the option of transforming your flat roof into a green roof, a recent trend we’ve been seeing. These previously unused spaces are now turned into beautiful gardens and terraces for occupants to enjoy!
This can be quite an undertaking if you have not done it before. So, if you’re looking to make that type of change it is important you involve a professional so they can ensure the design of your project accommodates the unique challenges that come with it. These challenges involve things such as ice damming, water drain systems, etc. and may require an architect or someone with extensive knowledge on the subject.
So whether you’re looking to create a new space to enjoy or simply to improve the overall functionality of your home, a flat roof is a great choice!

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