Kickboxing Montreal

We often hear from our clients that kickboxing is a fresh and new take on their martial arts practice. It’s invigorating and really gets your heart pumping. Kickboxing is unique in that it utilizes muscles in the body (particularly the abdomen, glutes and legs) that are rarely used in other sports.

This can make it a great addition to athletes who want to improve their stamina and overall performance in any sport. Kickboxing doesn’t only include techniques of kicking but also striking techniques using the upper body as well. That is why kickboxing tones your muscles and helps you stay in shape, and with us, we can guarantee a fun environment!

In fact, martial arts doesn’t only transform your body and mind, it can change your whole life! 

The benefits of Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes

To find out about more benefits of martial arts training, read the list below:
  • Instills and reinforces self-discipline
  • Helps with concentration and focus
  • Increases self-confidence 
  • Increases ability to defend oneself
  • Increases stability (mental and physical)
  • Helps clear the mind (de-stress)
  • Increases feeling of overall wellness
  • Lose weight and/or gain muscle in a fun and interactive class environment
  • Increased mental and physical awareness

What you can expect to learn

Kickboxing is characterized by different techniques that use not only the lower body (through kicks) but also the upper body (through strikes). What can you expect to learn in a kickboxing class? You will get to practice: low kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and various grappling techniques.

By practising these ancient techniques, you will begin to harness the fighter within you and be able to develop a mental strength that you did not previously have. In fact, that is the basis of all martial arts. Kickboxing isn’t all about being on the offensive, so you will also learn and be exposed to defensive techniques such as slipping, the bob and weave, parrying and blocking, clinching and more!

You will gain the experience of being able to practice these techniques in a comfortable setting with others that are also learning so that you can improve yourself and further develop your martial arts skills.

History of Kickboxing

Kickboxing and full-contact kickboxing has its origins in Thailand over two thousand years ago. It has since been practised and perfected into the sport we know today. Like most martial arts, kickboxing was developed initially for self-defense, however, as hand-to-hand combat and war became less a part of the culture, kickboxing developed into a sport practised by athletes and martial artists all around the world.


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